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What is ABA Therapy?
ABA is an applied science devoted to developing procedures which will produce measurable changes in behavior. Baer, D.M., Wolf, M.M., & Risley, T.R. (1968). "Some current dimensions of applied behavior analysis". Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 1 (1): 91–97.doi:10.1901/jaba.1968.1-91. PMC 1310980. PMID 16795165.

ABA Therapy

Fostering independence

Like everything we offer at i Care Autism Treatment Center, our ABA Therapy program encourages learners to get out of their comfort zones and embrace new challenges. With qualified 1-to-1 staff to provide learners with necessary support, we strive to ensure that all learners are challenged on their unique levels.

In the Classroom
Elementary Classroom

Social Skills Program

Learn to make friends

Our amazing Social skills program is an integral part of life at i Care Autism Treatment Center. From traditional activities, to something a little different, we provide an interactive and exhilarating time for all learners.

Behavior programs

Reduce Behavior problems

Our behavior reduction program is an essential part of iCare.  We attempt to design a program in which we target the specific triggers that cause behavior issues.  We involve parents with every step and provide assistance where needed.

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