I Care Autism Treatment Center provides an incredible range of stimulating and creative activities.

Parents receive live up to the minute updates confidentially to their cell phone or email throughout the therapy day. 

We provide an awesome program for all children no matter their level of experience.

Teacher and Student

ABA Clinical Services

Full time & Part time

At I Care Autism Treatment Center, our one-on-one clinical services program encourages children to get out of their comfort zones and embrace new challenges. With the assistance of our expert, qualified staff, we utilize an error less approach to assist our learners and foster confidence.  For more information about what we offer, please get in touch.

Reading Braille

In Home Therapy

Assist where help is needed

Our amazing in home program is an integral part of life at I Care Autism Treatment Center. From addressing behavioral needs, assisting with scheduling, to addressing social deficits.  We provide parents with a level of support that fosters comfort and confidence to continue the program independently.

Teacher and Young Student

Behavior & Other services

We offer services that address a wide range of learners needs

  • Child need areas

    • Life skills

    • Behavior problems

    • Stimulation behavior

    • Acquisition skills

    • Social skills

    • Self-help skills

    • Self injurious behavior

  • Screening tools

    • VB MAPP

    • ABBLS

    • AFLS

  • Teaching methods

    • Functional behavioral assessments

    • Functional analysis

    • Discrete trial teaching Imitation training

    • Match to sample


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